VKS has recently forayed into the Export of Cavendish Bananas. Sourced from the Theni Belt of Tamil Nadu, the Company has made regular shipments of Cavendish Bananas to Middle East. Fresh Green Cavendish Banana is widely used for baking, fruit compotes & salads as well as a complementary food item. This species of bananas is sold worldwide with the green outer skin, which turns yellow during the ripping.


Specification Banana
Name of the Product Cavendish Banana
Colour Green & Yellow
Maturity 40 to 46 (depend upon the age, size & length)
Length Minimum 18 cm- 25 cm(pulp to tip)


Banana health advantages are usually similar to any other kind of fruit. In reality, bananas have got a number of optimistic advantages that numerous other fruits don't have. These types of yellow-skinned fruits are perfect for overall health simply because they have got a fairly sweet flavor that many people love. For this reason, it is possible to use bananas right into a daily diet.

Hight Nutritive value
Rich in Taste
Multiple Health Benefits
Retain Freshness