VKS trusalt is a refined free flowing iodized, non-iodized salt and crystal salt brand. VKS trusalt is treated and packed at the most hygienic state-of-art and sophisticated salt refinery. VKS started exporting salt from the year 2000 to African and Middle Eastern countries. In 2006, we set up our own salt refinery at Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu with a capacity of 8,000 MT per month and now scaled up to 12,000 MT per month. VKS trusalt annual production to scale to 1.5 Lack MT. VKS Foods plant uses state of the art functional and reliable range of Automatic Pouch Packaging Machines used for salt pouch packing in different range of weights. The plant manufactures refined free flow Iodized, Non-iodized salt and Crystal salt. VKS trusalt has gained prominence as a renowned salt brand in India.



VKS trusalt is a terrific flavor enhancer. It brings out the true flavor in the food.
Add trusalt to your food to stay healthy naturally.

Reduces Bitterness & Acidity
Stay Healthy Naturally