Fresh Tender coconuts are excellent food source and good for health because its own sweet scent,delicious taste and enrich in Nutritional value. It mixes easily with blood.It contains sugar, fiber, proteins, anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. VKS Foods holds the potential of supplying these in huge quantities due to the widespread farms under Coconut cultivation. VKS Foods exports the products from Thailand and its fully organic.


Specification Tender Coconut
Name of the Product Fresh Young Tender Coconut
Maturity Young
Grade Tender
Weight 1000gms to 1200gms
Liquid Content 375 ML to 500 ML
Nut Size 9 Nuts Per Carton Box
Packing 2052 Cartons Per 40FT Container
Loadability of a 20FT Container

  • No.Of cartons: 845
  • No Of Nuts: 7605

Loadability of a 40FT Container

  • No.Of cartons: 2052
  • No Of Nuts: 18468


The water of tender coconut, technically the liquid endosperm, is the most nutritious wholesome beverage that the nature has provided for the people of the tropics to fight the sultry heat. It has caloric value of 17.4 per 100gm. "It is unctuous, sweet, increasing semen, promoting digestion and clearing the urinary path," says Ayurveda on tender coconut water (TWC). It is good for feeding infants suffering from intestinal disturbances. Tender Coconuts are consumed largely in the summer season for their cooling properties and as a natural drink. This offers all the nourishment and the goodness of nature to a person, and the supplement drink has vitamins B and C along with minerals to provide energy for the whole day. It is a natural substitute for glucose.

Natural drink
Natural substitute for glucose
Delicious taste and enrich in nutritional value
Contains sugar, fiber, proteins, anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals